Saturday, September 20, 2014


One in every three has high blood pressure. Professional estimate of the rate of treatment of hypertension in our country will be less patient. heart diseases and increases the risk of high blood pressure, stroke. Exercise, body weight management and healthy eating is a way to prevent high blood pressure. Hypertension who took drugs, they are able to exercise effectively deal with pressure. Better to consult a doctor before starting a fitness program.

Thursday, September 18, 2014

Food Rules

After eating, do not do that 6 ••• ►

We are worried about the health of the. If you would like to know how the health of interest to us is not the end. After eating some of the work that we're doing is not right at all. Our health is bad, but we do not understand. You do not know anything, just after eating is not just about work.

1. Smoke
After many khabara smoking,
It's not right at all. Smoking before or after a meal, at any time, not just smoking. Nicotine in cigarettes cause cancer, in which the lungs are gradually destroyed and worketh death. So after eating should not be smoking.
2ca / Coffee

Who has the habit of drinking tea or coffee after meals. This practice is the loss of their own body. Tea is a good source of anti akridentera. Modified tea reduces the risk of cardiovascular disease plays. But with a full stomach can cause damages. Staying paliphelana vegetable extracts to accelerate ayaranake prevents iron deficiency as a result of playing the tea after a meal is not met. So body chlorosis.
3khabarera after just eating fruit
Eating fruit is good for health. As a result, there are many vitamins. But playing with the meals with fruit, gas, indigestion, you may have a problem. After eating the fruit to be playing because digestion is delayed.

After 4khaoyara bath
From childhood we've seen before, bathing, eating later. That's true. But we really do not know why. It takes a lot of energy in the body to digest food. As a result, the blood flow is needed. After bathing in the blood flow is reduced. So do not just take a bath after eating.

After walking 5khaoyara
As soon as people start walking after meals. Walk out of action after a meal digestion problems. The researchers said the food after 30 minutes walk.

6kheyei Sleep
Sleep is essential to people. But as soon as they fall asleep after eating thika, this is a lot of damage in the body. This snore, sleep disorders, weight gain could stomach.
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Stay well, stay healthy. I wish everyone a happy life.

Wednesday, September 17, 2014


FREE HEALTH INFORMATION: A GLASS OF WATER:  ৲৲৲ a glass of water. ৲৲৲ 1. Up a glass of water Rise from Get with you , The However, the body Samastaanga-organ Active Becomes...


 ৲৲৲ a glass of water.
1. Up a glass of water
Rise from
Get with you
, The
However, the body
2. One glass
If you have food in the water
Get half an hour ago

Monday, September 15, 2014

Good way to keep the body

Good way to keep the body. Us to keep the body healthy is to eat regular nutritious meals. We have a variety of vegetables, fruits can eat. Because there are a lot of vitamins, which are necessary for our physical growth. 

Sunday, September 14, 2014


At present, the world has seen many kinds of complex diseases. The different kinds of medication for. We may eat the fruit of the different kinds of medications as well. Papaya is one of them.
Here to discuss the quality of papaya

There are many times in papaya.
1. Papaya is a fruit, which is sweet, but patients with diabetes can eat.
2. Whom diarrhea occurs, they can eat papaya.