Saturday, September 20, 2014


One in every three has high blood pressure. Professional estimate of the rate of treatment of hypertension in our country will be less patient. heart diseases and increases the risk of high blood pressure, stroke. Exercise, body weight management and healthy eating is a way to prevent high blood pressure. Hypertension who took drugs, they are able to exercise effectively deal with pressure. Better to consult a doctor before starting a fitness program.

Have fun exercises
Athletics or games that can be enjoyed, not to half an hour exercise almost every day of the week. Daily household work, gardening, cleaning windows in the rooms around the house, walking the neighborhood, walk to grocery stores, cycling healthy, exercise is.
Thus half an hour walking, fast walking, cycling is good.  Park the car and walk away, come to the shop and exercise.
The gym is that you will never
Many people go to the gym to exercise. It has additional advantages. Instructors will teach, exercise equipment can be used by the body to hit the save key. If the instructor does not have any problem with the use of instruments. Many exercises can be done in accordance with the body and health.
Powerful and heart
For the resistance exercise. Weightlifting, barbells, or curl up abdominal crane muscles strong and leads to such exercises, fat loss, metabolism rate is boosted. The heavy weight of his body, which may help prevent high blood pressure Reducing the weight of just 10 pounds. However, consult a doctor before starting weight training program is a good idea.
Delight Swimming Stroke
Reduce high blood pressure, heart pumping conditioning exercise is important. The sun can not heat too much exercise, like swimming for them. Swimming hast killed half an hour andrinaline hormones flowing in the body decreases, the blood vessels relax. Swimming hast killed and reduced shock pulse, decreased blood pressure.
How much exercise is enough
Regular exercise, prevention and control of high blood pressure. Moderate aerobic exercise, such as brisk walking, quite like half an hour day, reduced the demand for drugs, increases the effectiveness of the self is to be taken. Exercise lowers blood pressure by 5 to 15 points higher. Exercise also increased further reduce hypertension. But not worth the exercise, the body is not with pressure.
Let us start the exercise
There are many exercises to practice. The key. Start slowly: it does not hurt that, you can enjoy 10 to 15 minutes at the beginning of the exercise, such as walking in the neighborhood, or you are not running legs. Going exercise slowly, loudly, walking, day half an hour.
To avoid injury
Those new, they're going slowly. First gentle, and moderate exercise. Such as yoga, light gardening, exercising, bike, run comfortably, walking, water sports, swimming at medium speed, you can increase the time of exercise.
He goes into the midst of busy life exercises. When children play, eating lunch in the break may be even longer before and after the exercise. If you can not exercise any cell outside static exercise bikes taken. When the baby sleeps, or watch the evening news can be recovered in athletics.

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