Monday, August 24, 2015

Seven emergency What to do ?

Sometimes when the situation requires urgent treatment. If the time taken to hospital immediately becomes a little harder. The doctor or nurse to do with it is difficult to save a person's life. Do not help others do what you do, or what to do, but the feel of the falls.

However, if you know some simple things you can overcome the initial push and it will be possible to save the life of a man to the hospital. Boldaskai gave some advice on the matter.

1. I had eaten poison

If the patient is not breathing, artificial breathing can be arranged. You can try to make the person vomit. However, before trying to spew venom, what kind of need to know what he ate. If the poison alkali eat up the lungs purchase, bronchial infection, and also may exacerbate these moves. The increased risk of death. Cleaning the stomach for this kind as quickly as possible, the patient should be hospitalized.

II. Suddenly, you lose knowledge

Suddenly, no one has seen a lot of rough fell unconscious. In the case of an infected person with a lot of bite his tongue cut off. First, it can not escape the tuck into a piece of soft cloth. Tongue and teeth to live Do not insert any hard objects inside the mouth. It can hold cleft jaw and face wounds can. Convenient to place a pillow under his head and call an ambulance.

3. Did you get any acid or chemical eye

First, wash the eyes. 15 minutes before the water continuously. Do not delay any kind. Before the treatment, it will help to wash the chemicals from the eyes.

4. Some went neck

If you have never entered into the finger neck Do not insert any object. Unfortunately, the object may be stuck in the respiratory. The object coming out of the stomach and back for five minutes or more push or pressure. However, it is not the case for children.

5. When you burn

When the fire burns pack can put in place right away. Who poured water on the burned area. An initial counseling in the treatment of burns, pour cold water.

6. Reduce bleeding

If the bleeding cut over the place with a cloth tough stuff. It will stop the blood flow.

7. Snake cut

Snake-bitten place, do not move. It can be spread poison to perform. Do not go to the venom by mouth. It is a misconception. The other person may be damaged. The poison of a snake bite out of place, do not attempt to pressure. Snake bite tightly tied to specific areas on the two sides and to the hospital.

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