Monday, September 7, 2015

How to remove dark circles under the eyes

A large impact on the face of the beauty of the eyes. Be the first to describe the beauty of the eyes of beauty. Look people in the eyes of the most beautiful organ. It's too sensitive. But the beautiful black spots or under-eye dark circles under the eyes can be seen in the decline of the whole beauty of it.
Remove dark circles under the eyes are a few tips

  Peel the potatoes and put away under the eyes. Use this paste in three to four days. Insha Allah will remove the dark circles under the eyes. Be careful, however, when batate with kitchen silapata pepper paste, did not see before!
    Tarjani hand fingers slowly around the eyes, apply duphota mudhu. After a while, rinse with cold water. It helps to eliminate air above the eye, skin parched.
    Cut slices of cucumber and potato. Stick two pieces of cucumber on the eyes closed. Thus, 0 minutes. Similarly, the potato slices over the eyes water. Or choose Blend cucumber and potato. Take cotton tore into two. Tulate can put the eye of the blended juice. The 15 - 0 minutes. Saptahe to it at least three days. The powers of you are able to understand.
    Mint leaf juice helps to eliminate dark circles under the eyes. Tulate mint leaf juice in the eye, there are black spots in the water. Be careful that it does not in any way enter into the eye of this juice.
    You can use rose water. Two drops of rose water before going to sleep every day in the cotton and apply it around the eyes. Thus, the 15-minute massage. Kamalata eye fatigue will come back and coloring can be removed.

    A piece of ice and apply it around the eyes slowly. Eye black coloring to the work asadharana ice.
    At home, at leisure, just 10 minutes down the eyes of a young cucumber paste Stay lying inverted.
    Orange juice mixed with one or two drops of glycerin and apply under the eyes. It makes more bright eyes, in addition to eliminating black spots.
    Before going to bed massage with almond oil around the eyes. It works very well to make the dark circles under the eyes. Kucakanoo remove the skin of the eye.
    Put the bag in the refrigerator after use. If you close your eyes out in the cold for 10 minutes a day. You will use every day under the eyes of the black spots.
    Tomatoes and lemon juice mixed together twice a day on the dark circles laganakhuba early results.
    5 almonds nuts with a little milk and put 15 minutes on batunatarapara ksatigrsta Rose lagalei rakhunaeka week will see results.
    Make a paste of turmeric powder with pineapple juice and a little, sew and wash after 10 minutes.
    Vitamin E and C before bed at night around the eyes, apply a rich cream.

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