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If marriage is good for health Why not Know

If marriage is good for health Why not Know
"The health benefits of marriage" "Benefit of Marriage Therapy on Health" is the emergence of a feeling of a sort of hearing the word. What kind of benefits can have a marriage? The event really incite curiosity. The meaning of marriage is a new family, a new family of people start life anew. That is where he must have come from the health benefits of opting seem to you? Let's have a look what kind of marriage could have health benefits:
Long life

If you think your marriage is wrong because you think your death will come soon. According to a research of the 013, was born after World War II to embrace those who are married or single, they die sooner than those who are in long-term relationships. Is seen as a partner because of the emotions of the people increases, puts together socially, psychologically support, which is necessary for the health of all is normal and healthy.

Less stress is

However, his presence is still occasionally takes the hassle out of your mind will be a good feeling. When people are in stress hormones can increase the amount of stress the body. This rapid increase in stress hormones in the body of singles than married. Additional amounts of stress on the body and gives rise to problems, especially digestive problems. According to the research of stress hormones in the body so the damage can not be married, but various problems in the body of singles in the home.

Reduces the chances of heart attack
Love helps to keep active cardiovascular health. Studies of the relationship between people who are married or who have a heart attack than people less likely to be lonely. The study has found that close partner of the new company and a new family friend- all the relatives and friendly ties with the heart-attack risk is reduced. If people are happy with the family. If no stress can share it. The lower the pressure on the heart.

Bones are tough

Her body bone density. Are you surprised? Does. Marriage strong bones and reduce the risk of various bone diseases. Exactly the kind of bone disease, bone mineral density marriage "Osteoporosis" reduce the risk. A good husband wife helps to reduce stress, protect against loss of bone. So happy marriage is important for women to maintain bone mineral density.

The quick recovery after surgery

When someone from your side all the time when you will attend the faster you will recover. But when you're alone a lot of the time it would take for you to be healthy. And because of all the tasks you have to do your own. You're also close to the car and find a reason to live. The resort would be to live your life partner.

Reduce the risk of accidental death

How many lives have you saved from your Jibanasangike accident? Studies have shown that divorced women and married men are more than twice as much as the unexpected death. According to the researchers, as well as the marriage of two people and protect them from unwanted consequences.

Reduce depression

People may suffer from depression due to loneliness or other problems. And what the commotion was happening when people suffer from depression in his own, he did not understand it. The first symptoms of depression, the loss of self-realization. To identify and eliminate the need to do so bisannatake a partner. That will be with you all the time, with whom you can share everything.

Reduces the risk of cancer

013 study, that the percentage of people dying disorder was diagnosed with cancer more than 0 percent of the people would have been able to be healed if they were married. The success rate than chemotherapy. The first phase of a normal, stable relationship that can detect cancer. A source of inspiration in the fight to cure cancer, and thicker than water. His companion, the bad and the above-mentioned companion for life can not be prevented from doing jhumkikara. For example, alcohol, drugs, etc.

Reduces dementia
If you have a partner who lives with the peace of mind that comes when you have someone you can not touch him. Studies have shown that those who are divorced and have not remarried three times more than the tendency to lose their memories and who have not remarried after being widowed at midnight, the dementia is increased sixfold trend. The researchers said that the mind is married and lifelong mentally and socially, as well as less pleasant and reduces memory power.

Released from various diseases

Happy couples taipaka ever-II diabetes, heart problems, phaibromailajiya of the disease can not be seen. Bring any extra stress on the body affected in a bad way. So if you have a healthy, happy marriage (marriage therapy) is very important to be spent.

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