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Insomnia: What, Why, and to remedy the problem ...

Insomnia: What, Why, and to remedy the problem .......
Studies have shown that many, if not to sleep or insomnia
Break down the mental and physical health
Fall. In other words, that you sleep
50 percent cure sickness
Better sleep at night with the good health
One issue involved. They claim they do not sleep
Can not they're healthy. Many studies
According to sleep or insomnia, if not the mental
And physical health broke down. In other words,
Any type of illness you sleep

Makes 50 percent of the whole. This
Article about sleep problems and the stage, various
Questions and important solution
Have been discussed. Sleep problems
After reading this article has adopanta
Although some will be assured.
Ghumahina night after the day's lesson hope this article
Many of you will not benefit.
Why is sleep?
=> Need for sleep at least every 4 hours
Once it is realized. This is our daily
Life is closely associated with. It's health
And helps to increase longevity. Many theories
Is presented that is why we need to sleep. Then
Properly speaking, mental and without sleep
Physical health, can not survive.
How much sleep do you need?
=> It depends on the needs of their own body
Please. Some of them day and night,
Enough to feel that five hours a night. Again
Some 15/16 hours of sleep and the body
That is caused by illness. However, sleep is flawless
Eight hours a day is enough, and this to say that if someone
Good for the body.
What you need to sleep?
=> It is also the physical and emotional needs of each worker
Depending upon.
Good night's sleep
=> Should be flawless night. Else
The next day, you yourself physically
Parenabibhinna exhausted to think of the people
If different sleeping habits. Many in the
In 8 hours of daily sleep and
Enough said. As long as you kintutu
Tatoksana need ghumanoi ideal kintutu.
Good night's sleep, mental and physical health
Very necessary. If the day
You can work at any job
Be careful fail. Why do not sleep
Increases the mental anxiety. So tonight
And should be careful to sleep.
General problems and difficulty sleeping
=> In your sleep disturbances occur for many reasons
Maybe. The problems of any fault
Bhugaleo and you may have difficulty sleeping
You should immediately consult the doctor.
=> It to be serious problem in your sleep
Maybe. You might have a lot of sleepless nights
According to these concerns.
=> As a result of severe sleep disturbances may occur.
=> Any type of pain, pressure in your sleep
May not be. It is the body that
Type asukhajanita can be caused.
=> To your spouse snore
You may be having trouble sleeping.
Prostate problems
=> When the prostate problems are frequently the toilet
Because after some time is needed to
Could urinate. Without it
I have trouble sleeping.
Dental problems
=> Tooth othajanita or any of the yaoyajanita
Trouble normal sleep disturbances
=> A lot of time sleeping the sleep of the nightmares
The problem of broken sleep
may be.
Muscle contraction
=> Took a lot of muscle spasm or tightness
I have trouble sleeping.
Foot pull disease
=> This disease, patients continued dancer legs
Accustomed. They do this to bed
If the problem is severe sleep.
What is insomnia?
=> Any one time all sleeping
To the issue. Often it is the simple and small events
It does not say much importance. Kintutu constantly
If the problem continues, it becomes chronic and
Then it becomes sick. Continued sleep
This disease Inasamaniya or three anidramulata
There are types of short-term insomnia,
Temporary and chronic.
Because of short-term insomnia is responsible. For example,
Divorce, job problems, significant illness,
Money problems or any relatives or friend-
For any mourning the death of friendly
Sleep. Ksanaksayi to sleep for insomnia
Some of the changes in time or space, more mental agitation or
Responsible for illness. The chronic or long-term insomnia
Because it involves so many medical.
About living
=> Many people are accustomed to drinking plenty
As a result, the creation of which is insomnia. long time
Although caffeine disrupt sleep
may be.
Environmental issues
=> And the neighbor's television or racket
The sound of singing, uccasabde vehicles, etc.
The problem may be due to sleep.
Body on
=> Arthritis, heartburn, headaches, etc. Body
Sleep disturbances may be issues.
About psychosomatic
=> Mental fatigue is a major cause of sleep. It is a
Psychosomatic problems. Mental exhaustion, sleep disturbances
Special role in the creation.
Why should the treatment of insomnia?
=> Do not be continued without sleep and mental
You will become physically ill. Sometimes
This condition can become fatal in
Maybe. He made a swift treatment of insomnia
When you should call the doctor?
=> Everyone is satisfied, at least at night
Wants to sleep. If you do not wake up the next day
To set up any type of affairs
Is not. Sometimes insomnia is by drugs.
Before you go to the doctor
Samasyajanita rough sleeping
Make a list of the changes.
The doctor's report
Show. The advantage for the doctor
Quickly identify the cause of your insomnia will be
The doctor very quickly this problem
You can try to recover as much as possible.
Some common activities, which disrupts your sleep.
For example:
=> Exercise is certainly good for the body. Kintutu
Many of the exercises practiced before sleep
It. Which can upset your sleep.
Drinking caffeine
=> Kyapheine that contains stimulants
That disrupt sleep.
=> If you are accustomed to this practice
Sleep problems may be.
=> At any time of the day if you sleep at night
Not sure if you're attacked before heaviness
West you can sleep.
=> As a result, the problem appears to be sleeping.
=> Asthma or a disease for which there are such things
Drugs and sleeping for almost the whole year
The problem may be.
=> Mechanized travel constantly from one place
As a result, your sleep problems may be reinforced.
Shift work
=> If you have the type of work is that it's the day
The turn and could be changed. Then
Your sleep will be a permanent problem.
Type of irregular sleep
=> There should be a specific type of sleep. Otherwise sleep
Can cause disturbances.
Spending bed adhikaksana
=> In addition to sleep on the bed due to adhikaksana
Sleep problems may be.
Repeatedly watching the clock
=> Many people have the habit of lying in bed, bar
Looking round the clock. As a result of this habit of sleeping
Can cause disturbances.
Your sleep position
=> Place your sleep environment should be
Beautiful and natural. Additional noise purnasthane
Sleep problems may be. For sleeping
We need peace. Once again the light sleep
There seems to be a plethora of problems for sleeping. Additional
When I got to see the lights of sleep disturbances.
If your partner is not also sleep
But the effect of what you might read on.
The person sleeping next to you sleepless
Although somewhat mentally insufficiency
It would also be upset.
To arrange for better sleep:
=> Follow proper sleep time
=> Do not exercise before sleep
=> Avoid caffeine and nicotine
=> Beware of your drugs
=> Imagine a life free of suffering
=> If you leave the night-shift work.
=> Get ready for a night of good sleep
There are some relaxation techniques and meditation
In order to have the best night's sleep
may be.
=> Swim practice before going to bed at night
If you can learn it for your benefit
=> At night, do not eat anything too heavy. Light snacks
Create National Eating. The Better Sleep
Caffeine or alcohol
=> Both try to break completely.
However, to unjustified worries about sleeping
Do not be.
Keep healthy environment
=> Need your sleeping environment.
A clean environment and at the same time to sleep
Should be served.
Go to bed, turn out the lights
=> Do not be afraid to sleep in the bed.
Going to bed after dinner, at least 30 minutes
=> Do not look at the clock and the sound clockwise
Is not crime.
=> Paruna lay down a specific seat. Everywhere
Wine is a crime for you to feel comfortable
Listen. The more comfortable you feel
Sleep, it is not a dream a long time .....
Many feel kind of awful anxiety insomnia
Creates. They are anxious for a flawless sleep
Becomes. Remember, most sleep problems
Temporary. If you care about yourself a little this
Can overcome the problems. Doctor
You will receive advice from the
And you can learn more
Will sleep like a dream.
The first step in sleep
=> After a sleepless night, it is possible in any way
The next day, the mind does not work
Flag. The two-day a little irregular sleep
The problem should not be started without delay
Should consult a doctor. Doctor alapa
During the talks, there is no gap
Not. It is your problem, but rather increase.
Tell the doctor everything. Create a list
So that your daily life of the doctor
You can easily understand. This is the list
Your doctor will be able to understand the information problem
Where. As a result, you are in his favor
The next will be easier to direct. Some
There are a lot of sleep disruption
Maybe. For example,
=> Irregular sleeping habits
=> The joy of getting a new job, nor any grief
=> Asthma or hypertension drugs throughout the year
=> Chronic pain is a disease in which the night
=> By the diversity of living things change or
Sleep can be compromised.
Before sleep
=> To quit drinking if abhbasa
=> Avoid caffeine
=> In the afternoon or evening tea and nicotine
Do not accept.
Preparing to go to bed
=> Noiseless, choose dark, cold house.
=> Bedarumake only use for sleeping.
=> Regular schedule going to bed at the same time.
=> Light can listen to music.
=> You can take a warm bath
=> Do not sleep lying on the bed rather than books
Paruna or to walk. Sleep again until
Do not come in until you go to bed.
Sleeping pills
=> Without byabasthapatre: Many doctors
Referring to rilaksesanera byabasthapatre
He said other meditation.
And as a result they do not have any reaction
If sleep problems are very healthy and
Is ravishing.
=> Byabasthapatre: patient history
Doctors and determine the amount of the sedative.
Many other drugs may be used if the patient
If the case of drugs, doctor
Some things to consider are special.
Questions that ask you doctor
=> How long until this problem in your sleep?
=> What are your symptoms?
=> Lately in your life
Has changed?
=> Do you have any recent illness
=> Do you have any chronic diseases or are now undergoing treatment?
=> Do you have any atmaprastuti
To sleep?
The questions that you ask your doctor
=> What's wrong with me, do you think?
=> What do I need to check this
Who will take the tests?
=> Do I need a sleep specialist
may be?
=> May I ask what your treatment plan?
Nutrition support to sleep
=> Eating difficulties to overcome your sleep
Maybe. If you have trouble sleeping at first, too
You will see how to take daily nutrition
Doing. Remember, always nutritious food
Does not have to eat, you eat kintutu
Those that you can not digest
Properly ensured rakhabenakhadya
However, many diseases are not digested in the stomach
Could lead to sleeping with embarrassment.
Another important thing Diner
Do not eat too late. Without having to sleep
In case of problems can result.
=> Phitanesah your daily genetic fitness
There are extensive requirements. From morning
With all that activity until evening
Are involved, it is not physical fitness
You can not do anything and the fitness
Will help with your sleep. Every day
At least with that peace of mind before sleep
Come on. Try to stay physically refreshed.
The sleep disturbances come down slightly
Some of the misconceptions about sleep and the truth:
Many people entertain the idea of ​​sleeping
Said. The fact is all these ideas
Is not. Here to talk about the misconceptions and the truth
=> The old do not need more sleep
=> There is nothing small about sleep. As far as the
If you do not sleep as much as his physical and sleeping darakara
Mental health can be broken. Rather old

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