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What ejaculating quickly solve the problem ?

What ejaculating quickly solve the problem?

Many are quick ejaculation problems. Can be made for the family turmoil. Everyone should be aware of this issue. Let us assume that in fact is why it should be done in order to protect from areera
Before that it was only a mental problem PE. However, with a recent study that the physical reason of mental problems. However, it is divided into two parts. Very few people have this problem in any organ yaunasakriya error, both of which need to cure sex therapy and medicinal treatments. For that you go to a sex therapist should be. In this case, because one can not be sure about the test and its problems. So, do not say anything to me.

The problem is that most people with the same mental and physical 'sensitivity' of related problems due. Which is no medicinal treatment can be cured without. I do not want to go into sex therapistarao first medicinal treatments. Patient's mental and physical sensitivity of the first works to determine whether the problem was not just with respect. Then they took the decision to medicinal treatment. Basically, I rolled with the direction.

-1 Exercise. Supply in the body
The girls at the aging of their body changes and becomes aware of sexuality. Since it began in the rajahcakra they have to get their ideas about sex. Make them more aware of the extent of girls than boys, it will surely everyone sacaksei overview. Just as they yaunanubhuti, the sensitivity of the body of the same keeps vigilance. But one of the weirdest guys because (I was so before and the reason I do not know) about their own body is quite udasina. The boys than girls in a little more agile, maybe, also the women in our country, such as additional movie stars, sport, etc., but the little that there are still restrictions, it is the boys who had just spent a lot of focus is not so much that the edikataya. Premature Ejaculation problems is the first step of his body and a clear sense of touch languishment build. When it's time for once a week, once a month if you do not exercise at least 4-5 times lower to begin with.

The day was the first time that day by the end of the daily operations of all, you need to set aside time, like an hour. Over the weekend, especially in light dinner three hours later, the better, because the body does not make the day that much more work is fatigue. Before going to eat, but can be chosen at noon. If you have any questions about your wife when he was explaining why you need the isolation period.
Room with the door closed and the cell phone off or to silent, it does not bother anyone. If the intense light in the room, the better the absence of lights or candles burning when dima.
Exercise is the best in the winter, because the body is dry. Although the summer is not a problem. The first bath is a good idea, to leave the room phyanata reducing medium. Petroleum jelly, coconut oil or any other safe oily substance (arthatlubrikenta. But beware! Do not attempt to use mustard oil or something like toothpaste!) Keep products.
Do not go to any type of rush. Before opening his own body on the clothing clothes look like, feel like touching. Concentrate on your physical feelings. Take off all the clothes gradually. Lie down on a soft bed balise long comfort. Now close your eyes and breathe several times with a loud voice, with regular breathing to relax your body. Then his chest with both hands (never put lubricants) can be massage, rub your little finger to look at the overall situation at the nipalasa you, lips, cheeks, neck, hands, etc. take part. Bring the hands down slowly. Your stomach, thighs, and he patted the side of the body to feel like kind of venues. The lubricants are applied to the different parts of your body and stay bulate hand. Your chest, near the navel, the upper part of sex, buttocks, thighs, etc. anywhere. But Avoid gender. Thus, to tease a little bit himself. Remember, the same as that in your mind any time to cuddle himself does not hesitate. What's to be ashamed of yourself again? So, you do not see any other people. Gradually over time while doing your penis removed again by hand, and then the focus. Bulate the one hand, on the other hand your body uparanse bulate bulata Keep your penis. Gradually, however, and each section is like masturbation, much like oiled. If you feel like that too would refrain from directly masturbate. What's the feeling like your whole body is growing attention to it. If you face any sexual pleasure at the sound barrier, but do not want to come out. It will be your sexually with a lucidity. The penis ejaculation hand bulate bulate too excited when the state removed his hand from the penis for a few minutes as elsewhere andathalite hand to glance down. With the other hand, your arm, wrist glance hand. There's just no place for the body of your hand when you try to understand what is becoming quite thrilled. At first, try to do that as your breathing is normal. Yaunattejanara because the breathing rate increases. Gradually increase your excitement when you bring back away from the attention. Take the hand of the penis ejaculation will come a little lower. Thus, two or three times to return to the argajamera doorstep. And let's be ejaculating. Remember, this exercise is a minor part of ejaculating. The goal of his body of yaunanubhuti easy to grow.
Do not go up immediately after ejaculating. Relax while lying on the state of the body to relax the conditions to enjoy ejaculation. Your chest, abdomen, nabhite patted the round. Close your eyes and breathe deeply. You can sleep in the state of Light. It will be much like your own feelings of shame.
II exercise. Mastarabesanah stop-and-go to start it after the first few days eksarasaijata.
First, similar to the previous exercise will choose a secluded place, where no one will be afraid of bothering to look. Lubricants and keep some kind of a conspiracy to hand.
As usual, if the body is wet to dry off. Comfortable on the edge of the bed or a chair to sit comfortably
Just take off the pants. Genji on the shirt or something like that. While touching the body, like the X-1 has become easier. The penis with the hand slowly move up and be like mastarabesanera to start. It will work like a tonic gharsanata dry hands. Try to do the regular breathing. Tightly in time to come forward and removed his hand from the penis of andathalite it will be handled. This will reduce your speed gradually. I went completely icchatuku ejaculation. Stay on hand to vary the penis. Then again, if you want to hand out 5 seconds after ejaculation sex to massage the head taluta stay put. You will have a sense of insufferable. However, the ejaculation will be reduced. Thus, once again I can hand down to coitus penis and once mundite ande hands continued. Coitus penis and ejaculation time when the trend is to reduce the sex mundi, just below the ring finger bashfully mundite like the palm of a little glance, it would reduce your tensions and gender may be a little naramao. When the soft top of the lubricants of the actions to be repeated. 1 hour, try to continue like this. You will need time to do so repeatedly by hand-off to the emission of semen. So far it's been a little difficult to remove by hand.
-3 Exercise. Sensual mastarabesanah
The exercises are basically there is no partner for them. However, those who exercise with a partner before it can take. However, many people in this exercise may take quite a distraction. But there is something katakichui for healing is not it?

. The exercises as preparation for the 1st exercise. However, from the beginning to be used in lubricants. A condom can be put to. Because the seed bed should be filled so that is why we can not. Because of the sensitivity of the issue may be, if the condom is no clear old sheets on the bed face down.

. First, it must lie naked in bed relaxed. Then the X-1 lubricants are applied to all of your body like a massage to stimulate adequate. The first and stroking the penis can not masturbate. This has got to be a little on the edge of the state on the one hand to face the other hand, bring gender bulate bulate. Starting from his wrists to the top side of the tongue, face up to the extent Stay bulate. And the arm of the nearest part (where the vaccine is usually given) to gain a little bit bytes like to stay with the mouth to suck, then slowly walk to the red spot. I like masturbation linnge stay bulate hand. But you have to concentrate totally on your side. Take a few moments after the change in your hand. And this time, ejaculation if the trend does not stop the sex act in the face three to four times the other hand, Bring. Pull the end of the exercise seserabara ejaculation.

-4 Exercise. Stop-and-goh-marathon with a mate
It is true that after the above exercise for them to have a mate. And those who have not yet married or girlfriend who taught me to wait a bit to be less deep. Because paripurnabhabe primyaciura ejakulesana can not be cured without the help of a mate. So she had to help her to explain everything about the need to pray.

Before this exercise at least 1 week to refrain from masturbation or intercourse. And if your companion for a long time, but the best is eat regular janmabiratikarana pill. Otherwise, the market is now very good emergency kantrasepatika pill. Sebanabidhi They are well aware of the need to keep them. Because the main purpose of this exercise with a partner to build a relationship with the innate feelings. The sex with a condom, then it is likely to be hampered. So why the need to be careful about eating janmabiratikarana pill. For this reason, your girlfriend in this exercise, I'll be discouraged. It is safest to practice with his wife.

. Partner to practice with at home to be very romantic to create an atmosphere. Belata out sometime in the evening, spend time at the movies, to dinner together. Stay in touch with one another. Light through the thin fabric, kiss, sweet sweet things become easier. Light meal together at night while watching TV or if purnimara days of each other, love to sit and talk. Thus, it becomes easier to take with them. Rather than being one-another in contact with the edge of a nicer way away.

. As before, the low light in the bedroom is a beautiful environment. Please note beside lubricants. Take your clothes off gradually into the bedroom itself, and tell your companion to take her clothes off. Kiss lips, face down on the bed with two comfortable start. The two men patted his back to the light of day. The hand is not somewhere else. Kiss your mate to tell a little bit smeared with lubricant to caress your penis and the other hand on your chest, navel, thighs give these places a boolean. And also his cheeks, neck, arms and set tongues to suck the stay, which you yourself were on the X -3. However, she did not give much attention to breasts and other parts of yaunakatara he added, because it can be heated. A little excited when he stopped his lips with your hands just put it on your lips. You do not need to be kissed. Tell him your ejaculation after a while, when the trend. I patted him on the edge of the body and make him a little bit.

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