Friday, November 27, 2015

Who wants to know the secret of Slim Figure ?

Who wants to know the secret of Slim Figure? Some tips on how to get organized today Slim Figure very easy to follow. Busy all day, you do not have time to exercise or diet. Counting the weight of the cakes! Do you suffer from this problem? If so, know the evening and night time, you can reduce the excess weight in just 4 easy job. Do not take any extra time, the job will not harm., Simply choose some simple habits learned. And they can easily give you a slim and beautiful! Slim Figure out the secret of body fat every day many people were confused. To free yourself from the problem that many many different ways. But because many of them can not control your body Through the fat cells of the body are constantly out-pity. Nowadays almost all women are more or less aware of health. Everyone was trying to stay slim, as well as various organs of his body to keep clean. Each organ of the body beautiful, like different exercises.
I was on a diet to reduce weight, but a lot of bad effects on the body beauty. Everyone now agrees that the slim figure of the young teenage-old girl. Obesity or excess weight has become the life of our people. Not just the physical, psychological and social problems of excess weight was the cause. So we let the excess weight healthy body, and would like to get the desired figure. It really does not skimp on the problem can be seen in the case of getting the desired path to the goal that we should be there. This is why I say that, when we make decisions on weight control, food control, which is what. Just feed us with the extra weight of the feud. Many people became ill from eating a few days, I have not seen any change in one week with some annoyance began to eat again as before. Therefore, the results are zero. Let us first try to lose weight with a target of three months. Although these three little trouble comply with the rules, then let the weight of the measure. Slim Figure of us simply do not know all the secrets are a few tips: 1. Light breakfast habit: we are many in the diet can be seen in the evening, but he got to eat the breakfast table by filling the stomach. Breakfast was a heavy meal in the evening. This bad habit is likely to rise due to the doubling your weight. So try to do as much as possible to complete the evening, breakfast lightly. Try to eat foods that do not need at all. However, the breakfast is good for health benefits Eliminating the practice can be found QUOTE. Do not eat anything after dinner: eat more after dinner, there are many practices. Many people prefer to eat sweet foods consecutive meals. This kind of practice is to free yourself from it as soon as possible. Do not eat anything after dinner. .3 Water if necessary. Light physical exercise: After dinner, take a little time, you can get a mild form of physical exercise. However, note that in the course of the dinner, and then rest for a little time to do exercise after exercise. Thus, in light of the day to build the exercise habit. As a result, the body will be under a lot of extra weight. 4. Early sleep habits: I like to wake up in the night. This trend increases the appetite and is eating more. As a result, unnecessary body is likely to become worse again up late at night. Therefore, waking up in the night to try to eliminate these bad habits and try to go to sleep at a certain time. It will also maintain physical fitness and your body extra fat can drip. And then you will have a slim figure is more breezy mood. Drink plenty of water to drink a glass of water before each meal and drink while eating high carbohydrate foods such as rice, potatoes, and eat less calorie-controlled doses to eat plenty of fresh fruits and green vegetables you can eat and hot water, lemon and honey drink in the morning every day Drink green tea instead of tea or coffee in the common cucumber, and vitamin C helps to reduce the weight of the sour fruit. They can eat more. In particular, bitter gourd, bitter taste of vegetables is very effective in reducing excess weight masalajatiya foods such as ginger, cinnamon, black pepper, reduce the weight of the cold, raw or cooked vegetables like cabbage, playing weight will not eat eat eat large amounts of time playing this extra salt habit uccakyalari and high-fat foods to avoid fast food, sweet juice, soft drinks, all kinds of sweets, fried foods, fatty meat, oily fish, nuts, dry fruits, ghee, butter, cheese, cream, these foods should be excluded as pachanderai After dinner, people will have to pay extra for some basic food to eat the excess weight adds unnecessary body time to celebrate the success of any plan to dine with family or friends, let us turn to the manual labor rather than an exercise to keep in mind just food out of control can not reduce our weight. 500 calories from your daily diet can reduce the weight of half a kilo weekly decline. But we walk for an hour every day, swim bike run, or will they gather at times losing weight. However, those who do not need to exercise them more manual labor. Those who can not exercise because of time constraints is different, they are sitting in the morning in bed phrihyanda exercising it. If you go anywhere near the distance of the walk, using the stairs over the elevator going up. A glass of water or the paper to print it went up to tell no one about it. Excess body weight in a week, did not rise, so too will fall short on the day it is not right to think, to a three-month plan, try to be patient and the loss of a dream, but in six months you will get the desired figure.

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