Tuesday, November 24, 2015

To stay healthy for life 10 Tips

To stay healthy for life
10 Tip
Healthy, happy and normal life
Everyone seemed. Everyone yourself healthy
Tried to. But healthy
You need to have a beautiful
Corrupt. Age
As with any day
Dharenani borrowing rules,

That the most of his
Below are 10 tips to stay healthy
To be presented are:
1) balanced and measured food intake
Practice. Family
In order to meet the needs of nutrition,
The period of notice sedikata
Weekly food
Take a list.
Ii) sufficient water to drink.
Generally, doctors 8-10 days
Advice to drink a glass of water
Does. Additional Physical
Work in the field of drinking water
The amount of glass even 3
Can be extended. Morning
Up to 3 glass on an empty stomach
Drink water. After two and a half hours
Make breakfast.
3) attention
Chew food well
Eat. Never eat
Do not rush. Take the time.
Remember, food, nutrition
When the body will arrive
It will digest well. Morning
Breakfast or any other meal
Do not make the mistake of giving out food
Not. Specific food
Eating habits.
4) The summer and winter Enough
Receive sunlight. Vitamin D
To protect your skin
As well as many diseases
Keep away from.
5) adequate sleep.
Time to sleep at night and
Practice waking up in the morning.
7-8 for an adult person
Bell and old or older
In case you need 5-6 hours of sleep.
6) regular daily walk, bike
To Run or jogging. Early
If you stop the better.
7) regular yoga and
Empty exercise.
Winning the regular cure and healthy life
There is no substitute for exercise studies.
8) to benefit people. Every day
At least one of the people to benefit.
You will see a kind of immense emotional
Find inner peace.
9) other nihsankoce
To compliment. Do not skimp on any
Be generous to yourself match.
It is your thought ksetratio
To expand and develop.
10) Be light-hearted. Sunny and
Concern-concern for a healthy life,
Stay away from the disappointment of the
A terms. A thing
Will stay in the mind of the trouble
Not. Friends or close
With people's problems
Share speak.

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