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The diet is fat penis

The diet is fat sex

Every day we eat a lot of different nutrients to meet the body, but they do not know what types of food are able to raise our sex? If the intake of vitamin and mineral balance in the body usually endrokraina system is activated. Estrogen and Testosterone testosteranera made it controls your body.

These fat diet to your penis, the penis size is small, it will slowly increase.

Estrogen and testosterone in sex desire and performance. Whether you're in the mood sexual intercourse much control your diet. Let us assume that a few of the daily diet of sex, which increases the extent of your body.
Dudhabesi amount of natural food in the animal-fats improve your yaunajibanera. For example, pure milk, cream, butter, etc. Most people want to avoid fat foods. But if you want to increase the amount of body sex hormones need to eat plenty of fat. However sagulike colorful sex life to be a natural and saturated phyatajhinukaapanara very effective as a food abalone. Mussels have too much zinc. Zinc increases the number of sperm and increases libido or sexual desire. Whatever the circumstances, eat oysters raw or cooked, oysters sex life rakheayasaparagasaapanara important role to increase sexual desire, the natural foods they should eat the right balance of hormones in the body. Sex always want to stay fit and eat the liver karunakalijaanekei do not like to eat asparagus. But the positive effect on your sex life, food, as well as the liver. Because zinc is plenty kalijaya. The amount of zinc in the body is more testosterone hormone levels. Without enough zinc in the body does not produce hormones from the pituitary gland. Hormones that are secreted from the pituitary gland, because it helps to create testosterone. Moreover, due to the arometesa of zinc enzymes that are secreted. This enzyme helps to be extra testosteronake estrojene. Estrogen is necessary for your sex to be a haramonadimadima boiled or fried, all the way eggs are extremely beneficial for the sexual health of a meal. There are plenty of vitamin B6 in egg B-5 and the hormones of the body, which helps to reduce stress and just keeps. Keep a daily breakfast of eggs. This will force your body and sexual power (testosterone) increase in fruit paberanina

Sexual health is good if you want to keep the list of foods every day to keep the colorful fruit. Grapes, oranges, watermelons, fruit, pitch, etc. is extremely beneficial to the growth of the sexual powers. According to studies by the University of Texas Medical team of a man at least 00 mg of vitamin C daily food list, if sperm quality is improved. According to the Texas A & M University, melon body increases sexual stimulation. Viagra for sexual stimulant drugs compared with the watermelon.

Sweet potato

Sweet potatoes are not just options like sugar, sweet potatoes are very good, such as a 'sex' food. If any vegetables that your body beta-carotene is converted into vitamin. This vitamin keeps the size of the female vagina and iuterasera. Moreover, it helps the development of sex hormone.

Coffee plays an important role to further improve your sexual desire. Caffeine is that coffee just keeps your sexual mood.

Dark chocolate

Dark chocolate, which is called phenilethyalamaina have excess body builds sexual stimulation. According to the study ate dark chocolate increases the partner's particular interest. Dark chocolate also has plenty of antioxidants. So 70 percent cocoa dark chocolate every day for a two-inch cut to taste. There are only 100 calories a piece of this size, which is very beneficial for your sexual health.

Traphala (a type of fungus)

Traphale male sex hormone is the kind of material. Traphalera this particular chemical is used in some foods. As a result, women to men increases libido or sexual desire. Myasada patetote is used as traphalera.

Indian researchers, a kind of aphrodisiac compounds are secreted from jayaphala. In general the compound stimulates nerve cells and improves blood circulation. This increases your sexual desire. You can eat jayaphala mixed with coffee, then found the two work together sambhabatailakta fish

Oily fish contains omega-3 fatty acids, which are highly beneficial for healthy sexual life. Plenty of marine omega-3 fatty acid. Omega-3 fatty acid DHA O EPA to increase dopamine in the body and makes the brain stimulation. And marine fish oil increases the blood flow to the body and is emission growth hormone. As a result, sexual health and sexual power increases.


Beef liver, as are plenty of zinc. Sex life more colorful, so you can eat low-fat beef. Meat, beef shoulder, thigh meat contains less fat and zinc. 10 mg zinc per 100 grams of meat, these places are.


Ayabhokadoke the size of each woman is seen as a result. Akrtii not just attractive, but it has a lot of potassium and vitamin B-Six. As a result, it plays ebanyauna capability increases your sexual desire. This is due to the specific characteristics of this fruit pristara banned it in Spanish.


Phaitostrojena otamile is plenty. The quality of those who are danajatiya sasye cover. Such as wheat, rice, etc. Rai. Phaitostrajena very effective for your sex life.

Spinach and other vegetables
There are plenty of herbs and magnesium in spinach. Magnesium in the body by increasing the flow of blood. Japanese researchers sexual stimulation leads to increased blood flow to the body. Spinach and other assorted greens, broccoli, lettuce, cauliflower, cabbage, of the existence of Follett, B vitamins and other antioxidants. They are very useful for healthy sexual life, and various seeds upadanabadama

Pumpkin seeds, sunflower seeds, Chinese almond, cashew nuts, pistachio nuts, etc. are necessary for the body manosyacureteda fat and cholesterol are beneficial to the body builds. Sex hormones, such as the right to work, the cholesterol is very necessary. So, a little bit every day and try to eat the nuts. It will be good for your sexual health. There are seeds of beans phaitostrojena. It enhances your sexual desire and sexual ability. Lots of food for the Japanese to increase sexual desire using bean seeds. Lots of Chinese nut is zinc. The zinc increases sperm counts and sperm to create strong. If less than 30 percent of the zinc in the body is made of semen.

By taking the body through diet low in zinc can reduce both the concentration of their sperm and testosteranera. Like oatmeal, sunflower seeds and pumpkin seeds help to raise hormone. This increases your sexual desire. Sunflower seed oil is that it does this task. Pumpkin seeds are one of the best natural sources of zinc. The zinc and testosterone (Testosterone) levels increase. Pumpkin seeds are a lot of functionality to further improve your sexual desire.

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