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What is protected sex for somebody with HIV ?

Performing artist Charlie Sheen reported for the current week that he has HIV, however in the four years since his determination, he said, he's generally imparted his status to sexual accomplices.

Sheen said in a "Today" show talk with that he'd had unprotected sex with two individuals since his determination and it was "unthinkable" that he'd transmitted the infection to others. Sheen's specialist, Robert Huizenga, who went along with him for the meeting, said the 50-year-old performing artist began taking antiviral treatment after he was determined to have HIV, which has lessened his viral burden.

It is not inconceivable for Sheen to contaminate others, but rather it is "unfathomably low," said Huizenga, a collaborator educator of clinical pharmaceutical at UCLA.

Surely, there's still disgrace around HIV, however with the right precautionary measures, individuals with HIV can at present engage in sexual relations securely, specialists said.

"Patients who have HIV can unquestionably engage in sexual relations. What's critical is that they do a few things to diminish the danger of transmission," said David Rosenthal, therapeutic chief of the Center for Young Adult, Adolescent and Pediatric HIV at North Shore-LIJ Health System in Great Neck, New York.

The principal thing is to diminish a quiet's popular burden, or the measure of HIV in the blood, semen and other organic liquids, by taking antiretroviral treatment.

"The less measure of infection skimming around in one's framework, the less risk of offering it to another person," Rosenthal said.

HIV is spread through sex - fundamentally butt-centric and vaginal sex, yet oral sex likewise conveys hazard. The other normal approach to spread the infection is through sharing needles, syringes and other infusion drug gear.

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Antiretroviral treatment is a mix, or mixed drink, of three or more pharmaceuticals that piece the infection from reproducing. The treatment has turned out to be significantly more basic for patients throughout the years - though they used to take 15 pills twice per day, they may now just need to take one pill once every day, Rosenthal said.

"In case you're ready to get the viral load low, underneath the level of recognition in lab tests, it's unrealistic to transmit the infection. Not incomprehensible, but rather far-fetched. The danger is far under 1%," said Dr. Stephen Boswell, president and CEO of Boston's Fenway Health, a human services association that works with lesbian, gay, androgynous and transgender individuals.

It can be hard for a few patients to get their viral burden beneath the level of recognition utilizing treatment, Boswell said. They must be analyzed from the get-go in their contamination and take the pharmaceutical consistently, which can be a test. "It's hard for individuals to take a pill without stopping for even a minute and not miss a measurement," he said.

Regardless of the fact that individuals with HIV are on treatment, and particularly in the event that they are not, Rosenthal prescribes utilizing condoms or different sorts of boundary security amid sex. This can incorporate female condoms or dental dams. Latex condoms can anticipate HIV transmission, however lambskin condoms are not powerful to protect against the infection.

Hindrance assurance is especially vital for individuals who miss measurements of their treatment or in situations where the infection creates resistance, or discovers approaches to imitate even in the vicinity of antiretroviral medications, Rosenthal said.

"Every thing that you do includes an extra level of diminished transmission hazard," Rosenthal said.

In spite of the fact that it is difficult to know precisely the amount of condoms decrease the danger of HIV transmission, exploration recommends they cut down the danger around 80%. One investigation of hetero couples found that individuals with HIV were around 78% less inclined to taint their accomplice if the couples reported consistently utilizing condoms contrasted and the individuals who did not.

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Patients who have HIV can likewise diminish the danger of telling so as to transmit the infection their sexual accomplices about their status so they can likewise settle on decisions about how to ensure themselves, Rosenthal said.

Individuals who don't have HIV have the alternative of taking Truvada, a sort of pre-introduction prophylaxis or PrEP that can decrease their danger of getting to be contaminated by up to 96%. Truvada, which was endorsed by the U.S. Nourishment and Drug Administration in 2012, is a pill taken once every day. It's prescribed by the CDC for HIV-negative people who are at high hazard, for example, those in an association with somebody who is HIV constructive.

"Frequently I see patients that are in numerous associations with various distinctive individuals and they begin PrEP to keep themselves safe from HIV," Rosenthal said. In like manner, PrEP can help the individuals who are in a conferred association with somebody who has HIV.

In spite of the fact that Sheen said in the "Today" meet that he educated all his sexual accomplices regarding his HIV determination, Sheen's ex, Bree Olson, told the "Howard Stern Show" on Tuesday that she found out about it just in the previous couple of days. The couple lived respectively in 2011, the year Sheen was analyzed. As per Olson, they had intercourse every day for a year utilizing lambskin condoms, which are not suggested for illness assurance.

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