Friday, November 27, 2015

The natural way to lighten skin color

Many of the color of his skin, hoping to lighten the skin a little hoyaitenim cream (Skin Whitening Cream) and other products are running behind. But how much of these chemicals are beneficial to the rich thing that is not contemplated. In ancient times, but could not get this thing to the rich chemicals. Old people used to rely on natural ingredients. So, to keep the skin in good health and at the same time to increase the brightness of the skin using natural ingredients. (Best natural skin care products)

Although it is not the form of the outer, inner beauty and the beauty of the people considered grossly improper asalatbakera color. But in our society, why do not aorai speech at the damidami Unlike bandhubi hayakalo daughter takes a wife, as well as the bright color, the girl behind chutiei it is plausible deniability. Throughout the beautiful face so it is said.

Today, you know, very simple and very effective to lighten the skin color of the two natural way.

1) the use of Yogurt
There daiye lactic acid (Lactic Acid), which is a very good bleaching (Bleaching) components. Yogurt is used to bleach the skin, which increases the brightness of the skin without chemicals of any kind. Takadaiyera for more efficient use of the skin.

* 3 tablespoons of the cheese is too good to Eat.

* The cheese skin on the face, neck, neck better take it. It can take the hand and foot.

* Now only 5 minutes on the curd skin. Then wash the skin with warm water.

* 1 day, 3 days a week in a row that you can use this method. Get good results.

* The brightness of the skin as well as help prevent age-chapao use Yogurt.

Ii) the use of orange and lemon

Orange is a good bleaching agent. Also, orange and lemon vitamin C (Vitamin C) helps to increase skin from within.

* Orange KwaZulu open only to Orange palapa. Two tablespoons of orange palapera 1 pinch of turmeric to it. When turmeric paste is best.

* This mixture is then applied to the skin of the face and went back to sleep. It was hard for this approach is much more effective.

* The next morning, rinse your mouth well. Use this method only 1 day of the week.

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