Thursday, November 26, 2015

Some important health tips. Such as Soft pink lips, An apple a day, learn good, skin and beauty, Medahina getting stomach,

Soft pink lips
Karaniyah to
A thin piece of lemon
Sprinkle a little sugar on the day
Rub the lips.
Sugar Lip
Fair values of dead skin
And Lemon Sun
As a result, the black lip
Glowy skin

1: - An apple a day
Cikatsakera from you
Keep away from two - day
Basil leaf cancer
3. Keep away from: -
Every day is a lemon
You body
4. Keep away from fat: -
8 glasses per day
All diseases to water
Do not neglect to use it

The required information, learn good
Be yours.
1. Small cardamom, palm trees, and grapes
Crushed, mixed with honey asthma trouble playing together
II. The smell of warm yellow and cold washing sukale
The problem is eliminated.
3. Ripe tomatoes of the body a day
Increases blood, the skin is clear.
4. If wild blow, with the water soluble tongue Kapoor
A few days wound is clean.
5. Reduce diabetes launder lady's finger
Soak in water, water in the morning Khan's glue,
I also hope you'll benefit.

In some ways it is not Brana
Ujjbalya skin and beauty
Brana that. These concerns Brana
Inwards for spending. Thought
No reason. Brana
Some live
To resort. See you
If simply conduct brana
You can eat the sweet chutney
-more Than the vegetarian
Eat. Protein foods as much as possible
Try not to eat
Deiri Products
Hormonal components in
Contain large amounts of the very
Mix with the blood. This
Cheese, milk, eat less.
Kola drinks
Simply stop eating
It really Eat more water.
If the two-liter
You can drink the water
Health and skin
The productive
Will. More water intake
As a result, the body
The gall to go out.
You acne
Get rid of the problem.
According to the additional ayurbedera
Bile is stored in the body.
Keep yourself alive.

Medahina getting stomach
3 byayamah
Abdominal attractive medahina
Everyone wants to be in.
The short, tight clothes without bhuri expensive
Wearing be very awkward
Shows. Special
A beautiful women
And abdominal attractive medahina
Many more of them
It would also be more alluring.
Reduce abdominal fat too
Something hard? No, not at all.
Just three simple byayamei
Abdominal fat
Reduced as possible. To learn
Abdominal fat is easier to lose
Exercise 3.
1) Cycling byayamah
It's actually satyikari bike
Not continue to exercise. This
If you want to exercise, you first need to lie down on the floor.
Then join hands to the head
Back to. Now
With the foot pedal
Turn to the right
As the two legs out on bicycle
However, the two 45-foot
Degree angle to the top of the lift.
When a foot chest
When the top
Another leg stocking top
Will move on.
The reverse
Exercise should be half an hour.
3 days a week
If you exercise too much
You can easily get
A medahina attractive stomach.
Ii) naukasana byayamah naukasana
Indeed, with exercise
Many known. It is true
The boat does not make sense to run.
For this reason
You will need to lie down. Hand
The two heads
Straight to the top.
The two legs
Easy to spread.
Then hand
At the same time 45 paguloke
Degree must be lifted up again
It will be straight down.
When the hand paguloke
Raise the top
I see it half-moon
Is like. This exercises your
Pressure on a full stomach
As a result, your stomach will be
Will be reduced.
3) abdominal retreat byayamah
You can reduce stomach
Byayamatio retreat
you can do. It is very easy
An exercise. You just
Every day
Count count 50 times
To settle and grow.
The pressure of the abdominal fat
Will be reduced.
As well as another exercise
It may be the
Two hands to the head
Back down on the waist
Off the top 90 again
Sit degree rise again
Lay down. This week 3
Day 40 times
If you can get it
A medahina attractive stomach.

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