Friday, November 27, 2015

Masturbation - damage to your health

Masturbation - damage to
A variety of masturbation in the context of prejudice and misconception among others. Some people think there is no harm in masturbation, some folks very bad thing, others think it is good for health. The fact is, however, that it would be good for the health of masturbation then controlled doses. Daily times can you masturbate? What about the virility or sexual life is a problem with the wife? Ask your questions answered in this article is unknown.

Masturbation -

Almost all men masturbate or Masturbation familiar with the matter, there is nothing to say on this matter in detail. Masturbation among women, but men are more frequently the subject odds. I've suffered more than men due to the sbasthyasamasyateo.

Masturbation - damage to

    Andakose the semen is made, so much the result of masturbation, scrotum biryarasa create disturbances may occur. Andekosa struggling to cope with the surge of additional sperm. As a result, it is not unusual andathalite pain.
    Additional masturbate sperm of the brain may be deficient in the hormone. Additional pressure on the brain. As a result of the temporary errors can occur in the brain, including headaches.
    Frequently masturbate sperm naturally becomes thinner. It continued constantly, creating health problems.
    Moreover, as a result of excessive masturbation, genital pain and partial distortion may occur.
    When riding the body masturbation, urine jalapora heavily increased. So, masturbation should be controlled and carefully.

    The health effects of too much masturbating. Especially the emerging youth growing old is not like the extra masturbation. The problem may be to use a lot of male masturbation toys.
    Many people used to masturbate the sexual life can not be happy. This has become a habit of masturbation and etatei because they feel relieved.

Remember, sexist if any problem persisted for a long time and should be taken not to neglect the advice of a venereal disease. Masturbation (dead arm) is a normal process, but it is not very good extra point taken. Yes, so it will not lose your manhood, but can cause various health problems.

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